Thursday, August 29, 2013

Classroom Before and After- Schoolgirlstyle inspired

I wanted to document my classroom transformation. I have had the benefit of having the same room this year as last and the changes seen in the pictures are work I completed last summer and tweaked this summer so I finally feel it is complete and everything is where it is suppose to be.

Much credit goes to Schoolgirlstyle for the Decorating like a pro book and the By the Sea collection for paper and cutouts as well as numerous pinterest pins that I looked at for ideas.

These are the before pictures I took of how the room looked at the end of the year when I knew I was moving into this room. It was during the last week of school so it was still being used but it was in the packing up phase.

                                                        view from front door

view from back of class

back alley area of classroom

inside front door on the left side

teacher desk right inside front door 

view from front door looking left

gathering area

This section is the after pictures.
focal point from front door
palm tree with class rules to be filled in with students
names on surfboards and Mrs. Burnett's First Grade Friends on the cloud paper
View of table groupings
each table has a bookshelf for their supplies
Table signs from schoolgirlstyle By the Sea cut outs and paper
1. Reading area and math bulletin board
2. front view of class
3. sign in board
4. math bulletin board
5. view from back of class
6. star of the week
7. teacher desk

Schoolgirlstyle starfish cutouts
paper cut to triangles 
Panoramic view from front door

Sign in , How we go home, Unfinished work board  inside door to the right


Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Sunday Sale

These are the exciting products I purchased from the Super Sunday Sale!

The Busy Teacher's Best Friend February Edition

End of the Year Memory Book for K-3

Blends and Digraphs Mega Pack: Posters, Handouts, Games, Centers

Teacher Stationery and Notecards Lime Green Polka Dots Editable

Calendar Companion/Notebook for First Grade

86 Read/Write the Room Recording Sheets

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Reader's Workshop Anchor Chart Make Connections

Reader's Workshop
Mini Lesson on connections
teach one at a time- cover and reveal or add as you teach

Anchor Chart for Writer's Workshop

For First Grade
How To book unit
Anchor Chart
Can be pre made and cover up each one until you teach the mini lesson.

Diet Coke Cake


1 box of chocolate cake mix I use Betty Crocker Super Moist
1 can of diet coke or 12 ounces of diet soda
fat free whipped cream in tub
1 package of fresh strawberries


mix cake mix and soda together by hand or mixer for 2 minutes
pour into 2 8 inch cake pans
bake as directed on box

While cake is baking slice strawberries
After cake has cooled place a layer of whipped cream on one cake and place strawberries on top. Then place the second cake on top of the first and top with more whipped cream. Decorate the top with the remaining strawberries.